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Welcome to Hearing History, a blog bringing history to life and into the present. 

Image: Roman bust of Herodotus, father of History. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons, donated to them by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


About Hearing History

Why create a history blog?

Hearing History is rather a strange name for a history blog. To hear is the verb to perceive a sound from someone or something and in the realm of law, it means to make a case. History then can be a series of arguments or cases from the past, which should be used to inform our current understanding of the modern world.                                                         I have studied history all my life. I was enamoured with the subject at school and then college, where I studied various eras, events, and epochs. I was fortunate enough to have completed my undergraduate study at the University of Sheffield and then my Masters in Medieval History at the same institution.  From wars to inventions, revolutionary movements to tyrannical governments, I have enjoyed discovering how our world and perceptions of our world are directly shaped by our past.  With this blog, I hope to bring our shared past to life in new, exciting, and engaging ways.

Jon-Jo Armstrong

Image: Luke the Evangelist, Patron Saint of Scholars, as depicted in the Isabella Breviary. Image credit goes to the British Library


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I would love to hear from my readers. If you have any book suggestions, comments, or topics you would like me to write about, please get in touch using the form below.

Disclaimer: Most of the images used on this site do not belong to me or the website. Where possible, I have given image credit. Where not possible, this is covered under this disclaimer.

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